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2 MyJackety styles – ideal for spring time

What do I wear when it is still cool outside? What shall I wear when a blazer is to formal? In the month of March and April I do sometimes not know what to wear. I do not like the winter clothes anymore. I want to have spring now! The poncho jacket “MyJackety” fits to […]

Styling tipp: Get out your silk twill again – 4 different styles

You find silk twills old-fashioned? I think it depends on the right styling! After I’ve been holding my silk scarfs 90 x 90 cm in my wardrobe for some years now and not wearing them, I just fall in love with them again. Combined with a pearl necklace and a black suit, silk scarfs look a bit old-fashioned. But with a used or […]

Allday look: The new trackpants – very cool, very stylish

For years I had the opinion that sweatpants I only wear for jogging. But the new trackpants already have an important place in my wardrobe. They are not only very easy to wear but look very stylish at the same time! In the office I would combine them with a classical black blazer, a silk […]

Ski fashion trends 2018 – Stirrup pants is super trendy

After the ski holiday is before the ski holiday!? Whether you were already on a skiing holiday or looking forward to the next one here are the latest trends of ski fashion for 2018. A loyal reader has motivated me to this post. During the Fashion Week in Berlin I have also visited the booth […]

A Poncho for the gentlemen – how fashionable are men?

On your opinion I am very curious!!! Some weeks ago Ingo Kabutz from the Magazine Pure Lebenslust asks me about my opinion on a poncho for men. In the first moment I could not really imagine but Ingo describes the poncho for men in detail and I have a concrete idea now: A long and really wide scarf in dark […]

Steffen Schraut lurex sweater with glitter jeans

Despite the glitter, this look is for everyday! The lurex sweater in blue is of course also great for the evening. I love to combine the pullover with a white shirt from Steffen Schraut und a skinny jeans from Please. The plateau boots in velvet make this outfit sportive. The lurex sweater is availble at or Breuninger. Have […]

New York – 6 Street styles from Soho

During our New York visit in January I have taken some pictures of street styles in Soho which I like to show you. Hannah (titelphoto) I find very cool. She mostly wears second hand fashion and clothes from her father.  From old she makes new and creates new styles according to her taste. Here an outfit from clothes from […]

Fashionable style: Norwegian sweater with volants pants

While window shopping I have seen simelar pants a lot.  Pants with volants are very fashionable! For me this pants is my favorite of this season! But how to combine this pants? If highheels or sneakers, if silk blouse or wide Sweater  this pants matches with all! I have combined the pants with volants with a slim […]

Galop d´Hermès: Make yourself a present!

My husband was really angry with me! He thinks that women should not buy parfums themselves! A few months ago I tested the fragrance of the perfume Galop d´Hermès in one of the Hermès boutiques. I loved the fragance so much so that I could not wait until Christmas and so I enjoy this nice smell for a few weeks … […]

A visit to the showroom of Steffen Schraut

Steffen Schraut is on top of my list visiting the different showrooms during the fashion fair CPD in Düsseldorf. The designer celebrates his 15th anniversary this year and has just been awarded with the Düsseldorf Fashion Prize. Dr. Anja Hermes from DMD Deutsche Modedesigner and myself are happy to see the latest collection! Steffen Schraut shows his […]

CPD: My fashion show look

What should I wear at a fashion show? When I watch the ladies at the fashion shows the outfits are very different. From a long evening dress to torn jeans and sneakers everything can be seen. My look is “in between”. Not too elegant and not too sporty. I love pattern mix and colours! The pants is from […]

Highlight of the Berlin Fashion Week – The Vogue Fashion Salon

The highlight of the Fashion Week in Berlin is the Vogue Fashion Salon! The who is who of the German fashion scene is presented in the Kronprinzenpalais built 1663.  Independent and innovative! I am fascinated of the design and presentation. On three levels every designer has a quartier to show their creations. Here a presentation of Talbot […]