Each of my perceptions must first go through my inner beauty receptor.

I was born in a small German town. Following university studies in Economics and jobs for Tchibo and Mont Blanc in Hamburg and Brendel Lunettes in Singapore, I established my own company for garden furniture with production sites in Indonesia and China. My idea was to create a specific outdoor living culture. I have realized this idea with a lot of passion. After more than 15 years of hard work combined with entrepreneurial courage and creativity I decided to sell my company to have more time for my family. Recently, I saw an Italian woman at the Frankfurt airport. She wore beige trousers, a crème-coloured blouse and golden ballerinas. – So far not very exciting. – However, in addition she wore a lilac coat and a grass-green Fendi-bag. This combination really created an extraordinary look. At the end, it’s always about the right mix!

This led to the idea to start my own blog. I love beautiful things and extraordinary designs and I always wanted to do something with fashion. It is really fun for me to make photos of beautiful things and scenes. My affection for fashion is a heritage of my grandmother Helene. Even at 93 years old she dressed herself in a very chic and glamorous style, painted her finger nails and wore high heels. I love to combine new things with clothes which are already in my wardrobe for a while. I also love to use some old clothes which I did not give away over the years and to ask my tailor to make something new out of them. I do not see myself as a trendsetter. But my friends often ask me to join them on their shopping trips and ask for my advice whenever they are looking for something which is really extraordinary. I know there are many blogs for young women, but for women over 35 there is not much choice. It is not necessary to chase every new trend, but everybody must find her own style without looking disguised. And this is what my blog is all about. I will be happy to respond to your questions concerning fashion-tips and lifestyle. I look forward to your feedback.

Each of my perceptions must first go through my inner beauty receptor.

The following questionnaire, which has been ‎answered by Marcel Proust twice in his life, was considered as an entertaining challenge for the spirit and the humor of the Paris society at the time.

It has inspired me to tell you more about myself.

How does my favorite style look like?

Sporty, elegant with a twist.

Who are my favorite designers?

Currently, Dean and Dan Caten (Dsquared), Stella Jean, Tory Burch.

Where would I like to live?

A single town is too boring. The ideal combination would be: Düsseldorf, St. Tropez, St. Barth, Saas-Fee, NY and Hong Kong.

What brings me joy on earth?

When my husband has time for me and our son.

Which mistakes do you excuse from others?

Many. I am very generous and need a lot of harmony.

Who is my favourite composer?

Mozart. Not only for his music but also for his fashion style and madness.

Which characteristics of a man do you appreciate most?

The combination of intelligence, humour and sex appeal.

Which characteristics of a woman do you appreciate most?

Not to be catty and be happy with themselves.

My favourite virtue?

Industriousness and creativity.

What is my favourite activity?

Shopping – this can be really relaxing for me. But all joking apart! To spend time with my family of course!

Who or what would I like to be?

I am very happy to be who I am.

My main character trait?

Sometimes too honest, most of the time happy and in a good mood, extremely curious and very open vis-à-vis other people and cultures. I don’t like prejudices.

My biggest failure?


My dream of happiness?

To go to heaven.

My favourite colour?

I need to distinguish between fashion, furniture etc. This summer it’s yellow in all nuances.

My favourite flower?

White orchids, white hydrangea in the summer.

My favourite writer?

Sándor Márai.

My favourite names?

Alexander, Helena, Lilly

What do I detest most?

Drugs and too much of alcohol.

Which natural talent would I like to have?

To be able to fly and be able to paint my thoughts on paper.

My current state of mind?

Wide awake and full of beans.

My motto?

Keep calm.