My new dress from Siggi Spiegelburg!

By Petra Dieners

Clutch a cuckoo moment, gelbe Clutch, gelbe Abendtasche, Tasche Rochenleder, Rochenleder Tasche, a cuckoo moment, Modeblog, Fashion Blog, Lieblingsstil,1I am so in love with my new dress! In my wardorbe I have a few silk scarfs for a long time which I do not wear anymore. That´s a shame! One silk scarf was separated into three pieces.  The middle part can be seen in the front. The other parts are at the back of the dress. On the silk fabrics the colours are beaming. At the sides other silk fabric was used. As I love pattern mix I have decided for a fabric in yellow with taupe flowers. In pink it looked boring. The edge of the dress has the colours pink, yellow and purple as on the dress.

Great is that the dress is very individuel and does not exist twice!

I am wearing leo pumps, simple bracelets in pink and yellow as well as a yellow evening bag from Lia Fallschessel and her brand a cuckoo moment (picture above).

Ansgar Bolle Photography

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