Interview with Siggi Spiegelburg

By Petra Dieners

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Siggi Spiegelburg (59) I have seen on many events and have always admired her style. For me she is one of the best dressed women in Germany.

When her first daughter was born there was no H&M and not many nice children´s clothing. Siggi Spiegelburg sewed a lot by herself; small bags with applications, embroided stockings and sewed pieces of Steiff Teddy bears on clothes. So she gave the inspiration of the nice children products Lillifee, Felix, Käptn´n Sharky etc. from the Coppenrath Verlag.

With 21 she opened her first shoe boutique in the centre of Münster. Because her customers did not only want to buy her shoes but also her clothes she was wearing and so she started tailoring. Today she has 17 employee in her studio at the harbour of Münster.

Siggi Spiegelburg tailors robes and dresses for special occasions but also clothes for everyday. One of her specialities is to make skirts and dresses out of Hermès silk scarfs.


Most of the time she is wearing her own creations. Only jeans and shirts she buys elswhere. On the picutres she has on her favourite dress with Gucci shoes in gold purple. At the moment she loves wide dresses in A-line, Twiggy or Audrey Hepburn style.

Her personal favourite style is colourful and a bit girly. “Fashion always needs a twist”, she says. “I love a special crazy pattern mix.” Siggi Spiegelburg would never wear a very sexy outfit. “This is not me!”

Her favourite fashion designers are Hermès, Ralph Lauren because of the nice ambience in the shops, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Dolce & Gabbana and Carolina Herrera. Her favoirite colour is purple. The purple of Yves Saint Laurent.

How her studio looks like I will show you in the next weeks…

Siggi Spiegelburg, Hermès Tücher, Modeblog Lieblingsstil, Fashionblog Lieblingsstil, Fashion Blog Lieblingsstil



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