Dr. Corina Krawinkel – Ambassador of Cologne Fine Art – Champagne Reception & art round trip

By Petra Dieners

Since August I was anticipating this event! The dentist and passionate art collector is ambassador of the art exhibitions “Cologne Fine Art” and “Art Cologne”. For her individual art tour she had selected some galleries which represent for different styles. We started the tour at the Style Icons booth with classic cars and a glass of champagne.

After that, we see paintings from artist Karin Kneffel, who gets the Cologne Fine Art-Award this year. I am fascinated of the different perspectives, light reflexes, shadows and and light sources in her paintings.


Gallery Friese shows the latest paintings of Karin Kneffel which are less realistic as her first ones.


Jeannette Countess Beissel von Gymnich, author, media expert and Siggi Spiegelburg, fashion designer admire an artwork of Karin Kneffel.


We see a pharmacy cabinet of the 18th century. This piece is in a very good condition although it is a commoditiy of use. Corina Krawinkel advises to buy against the trend. It is a great opportinitiy to buy some signed and very nice pieces for very good prices now.

Corina loves antique jewelleries! At “Epoque Fine Jewels” from Belgium she shows us a brooch and earclips from Cleef & Arples. These jewelleries are not so precious because of the material but they are very seldom. The pieces are from the 70ties and were also available in coral. An auction they achieve very high prices because they are big and very nice.


Gallery Krümmer shows a painting from Emil Nolde which is after 100 years on the market again. Corina is fascinated because the painting looks so modern.


This bust is only 5 times available worldwide! It comes from Guinea and is a protective figure of the tribe of Kissi of the 19th century.


At gallery Philipp von Rosen we meet artist Ignacio Uriarte personelly. His work deals with the subject of a working day. The materials he uses can be found in every office. So he achieves a great combination of work and art.


The linoleum of the former Stasi headquarter is the  base of Thomas Kilppers works. A young artist who cares about political matters and social problems.

Interior decorator Margrit Heuts in front of his works.


Corina Krawinkel loves dresses! Usually, her tailor makes colourful dresses and a matching coat. The fabric of her dress is from Vivienne Westwood. The coat made from waffelpiqique has the same greens as her dress. Très chic!!!


Here Corina Krawinkel with her daughter Michelle and friend Isabelle Assenmacher-Wertz.

Thank you Corina for this nice day!!!


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