Montblanc BESPOKE NIB – I can write much nicer as I ever thought!

By Petra Dieners


It is still TOP SECRET, why I was at Montblanc in Hamburg for a few days. Beginning of December I will tell you which great event I have attended. But about the Montblanc BESPOKE NIB I like to tell you today. I am always ashamed of my handwriting. I am left handed and in the first class the teacher asked me to write with the right hand. I do not know but something went in the wrong direction and I do not like my handwriting at all! But with help of the Montblanc BESPOKE NIB Computer program I can write much nicer.

I get a huge ink pen in my hand but somwhere the technology must be placed. With this special pen I write a sentence and sign.


The computer program analyzes my handwriting according to five criterias: writing speed, writing pressure, pen rotation, swing range and inclination angle. After a few seconds I get the result! For my writing style a extra width feather soft is recommended. I write with the recommended BB Soft feather. Incredible how the fountain pen slides over the paper. My handwriting looks much nicer!

Even better it is possible to write with a individual made feather. There is nothing more unique than a personʼs handwriting, as individual as a human fingerprint. Every stroke, every line of ink left on a paper reveals something special about its author. A signature is the lasting mark of someoneʼs personality. Montblanc creates a feather according all writing criterias –  a personalized nib.

The individual feather can be engraved with intitials, dates or a personal message.

I am thinking about to make this feather as a gift for my husband. It is also possible to use this feather for an existing Montblanc fountain pen you might have.

Have a nice day!

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