The new look from Siggi Spiegelburg!

By Petra Dieners

Siggi Spiegelburg I have met at the ladies champagne reception at the Cologne Fine Art fair. When I saw her embroidered skirt, I interviewed her immediately.  “You have to reinvent yourself again and again, ”  tells the fashion designer from Münster. ” I have bought very nice cashmere and wool fabrics but I found them somehow boring. The idea came to me to use curtain fabric which I alrady have for a long time. That means we have cut out embroided flowers of this expensive fabrics from France, have applied them on the simple cashmere and wool fabrics and have created outstanding skirts out of it. This was also a big challenge for my team. I haven´t thought that this will work out without any problems. My customers are thrilled! This is a real new look!”

The blouse is original vintage from Hermès from the sixties. The wild leather boots Siggi Spiegelburg wears for the first time. She already has them a few years and she can´t remember where she has bought them. From where she has the vintage bag I will tell you the next days…

Don´t give anything away so quickly. For special things it is worth to wait!


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