Flare Jeans – make your jeans up to date!

By Petra Dieners

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It is not neccessary to buy always new things! But of course we would like to move with the times! A classical bootcut jeans is perfect for a modfication to achieve a new look! Have a look to your wardrobe and short the jeans to an 7/8 length. The hem should not be sewn or fixed 2 cm higher to achieve a fray look!

The Jeans should be slim at the thigh and the knee, so that the flare leg is visible. The “reinvention” can be worn with all shoes, whether sneaker or highheels. Have fun to be creative and wearing it!

The Jeans is from 7 for all mankind which I have fashioned. I do wear plateau wedges from a cuckoo moment in gold and a hippie clutch from the market in St. Tropez as well as my loved oversize blouse from my Lieblingsstil Collection.

Ansgar Bolle Photography



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