Summer collection 2016: Feel like summer

By Petra Dieners

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Although it has still snowed this morning in Düsseldorf I would like to introduce my new summer collection 2015 to you!

When I was laying at the beach of Ramatuelle next to St. Tropez last summer and saw all these beach vendors in their light and patterned summer pants in nice colours, the idea of my summer collection 2016 was born. The patterned fabrics are all made from cotton and are very comfortable to wear. The prints look elegant and make a good mood. There are cotton blouses with stretch which are easy to wear and match with the skirts and pants.

Recommandable is the pattern mix. The patterned skirts and pants can be combined with a white or a light blue blouse but more exciting it looks with a blue-white or orange-white striped top.

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All pieces match with sneaker or more legant with pumps and can be worn for every occasion.

Each artilce is made in Germany. Please have a look in the shop in the menue list above or under

More picutres you can see on my Facebook Lieblingsstil page.

Have a nice weekend!

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