Hemingway´s Oasis

By Petra Dieners

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At the end of the year, Key West is a real hotspot. Duval Street is crowded by tourists from all parts of the world and the bars and restaurants are full of people. Only one street away you will find Hemngway’s house which gives you the feeling to be in a true oasis once you are entering the estate. It has already been built in 1851 in the local colonial style. It was a gift from an uncle of Ernest’s wife Pauline to her and Ernest. The house is surrounded by a wonderful garden with many palms and exotic trees. Light and shadow are playing with each other creating a wonderful atmosphere wherever you are looking, The house is equipped with antique furniture in the Spanish style of the 17th and 18th century. The bathrooms in the art deco style, his workroom with many hunting trophies and a lot of other personal souvenirs immediately put myself back into the 30ies and I thought that Hemingway would appear at any moment. I had to buy his most famous book “The old Man and the Sea” at the spot in museum shop and I await eagerly to start reading. More photos you will find on my Lieblingsstil Facebook page.

The oversize blouse and the pants are from my latest Lieblingsstil collection spring / summer 2016 which I will introduce to you soon.

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