Interview with golf pro and author Franziska Vent

By Petra Dieners

Franziska Vent (53) is a golf coach in the “Golf Club Hubbelrath” in Düsseldorf. Franziska is able to explain your golf swing in such an illustrative way that it is not hard to transfer the detail to your own swing.

Franziska is not only a very good golf teacher. She is also an author. Her golf book has been published under the title „Why are you playing golf?“ There, she describes the different motivations of playing golf.

She has told me why she has written this book, what makes you successful in golf and what she thinks about skirts on the golf course.

I admire her nice belts which she combines with her other outfit in the same colours. My photos show Franziska wearing her favourite golf Outfit.

Franziska Vent, Lieblingsstil, Golfclub Hubbelrath, 1Franziska Vent, Lieblingsstil, Warum spielst Du Golf, 1

Franziska, what is your book about?

My book is dealing about the question why people are chosing to play golf. In order to find this out, I have looked for motivations and structures. I have also conducted a survey. You can find the results of the survey in my book as well.


How did you find the idea to write this book?

Since I became a pro I was always interested to find out why people are palying golf or not. Over the years I realized that golfers have a lot in common but also many different perceptions. I thought that my observations could be of interst and I made a subject of my PGA master work.


What is your advice to the typical talented golf beginner?

Nobody is born as a good golfer. You have to work hard on it. It is important not to forget the nices sides of golf and the moments of hapiness … the nice nature, the friendships with other golgfers, the fairplay, and that a golfer has a longer life …


What is important to be successful for golf?

You should love golf and should spend a lot of time with it. Furthermore it is important to bring your fitness to a maximum stage.


 What is fascinating you on playing golf?

When I am going on vacation or arrive in a new city, the golf course is most of the time one of the nicest places. Unlike walking through an unknown park, I always feel at home on any golf course. I always try to develop a relationship vis-à-vis a nice golfwhole, try to understand it and find a way align my play accordingly. This is often a real moment of happiness.


 The shortest golf joke is: „I can.“. Because there are always phases when your play suffers. How do you explain this phenomenon? What‘s your advice?

Yes, this is really the point. The golf swing is a very complicated and complex process. You should always avoid being too ambitous. Otherwise the necessary timing between the different muscle areas may become disrupted and it does not work anymore. Unfortunately there is no App which may help you. I recommend to try some easy swings in order to get back the right feeling.


How important is style for you on the golf course?

This depends on the meaning. I like to see golfers, who combine an elegant appearance with a sportive and nice behaviour.


How would you define style?

Maybe as a kind of a authencity so that the attitude towards life, appearance, thus not only clothes but mainly the behaviour lead to an harmonic character.


How would you describe your favourite style in respect of golf clothes?

Frist of all golf clothes must be functional and comfortable. During my work day I stand a lot outside and I do not like to feel cold. Therefore I always have a jacket or swaeter with me with matches to the colour of my other clothes. In autumn, I always have rain pants with me. This is a pure pragmatic decsion and has nothing to do with my favourite style. I have some colourful quilted jackets. With scarf, caps and gloves the winter is welcome if neccessary.


What is your favourite outfit on the golf course in summer?

Summer dresses are of course the nicest! I like to combine shorts with a polo shirt. I have a few white pants which I match with colourful polo shirts. I like as well flowered or checked shorts with white polo shirts.


What do you think about skirts on the golf course?

Very nice! When our ladies or girl team is playing with skirts it looks great. But the golf skirts are very short and I feel too old for them …


Where would you like to live?

I have no itchy feet. I think, it is a real privilege to live in Germany. Düsseldorf is offering everything I like. Only in winter I have to escape the bad weather. Of course I like to go on summer holidays. Then I feel very well in the alpes of Germany and Austria.


What is your idea of perfect happiness?

If all people would be able to be lucky then we could speak of perfect happiness. But this is an utopia. During the reaserch for my book I have spent a lot of time with the theroy of happiness. The brain research has proved that not the consumption makes poeple happy but more the community, exercises and the positve experience with something new. Happiness is bigger when you share it. That means if my family und my friends around me are healthy and happy it is pefect.


Which mistakes do you excuse from others?

I like to excuse mistakes in a golf swing. They are the source of my income.


Which are your personal strengths?

That is not so easy as the sight on yourself is different and not neutral. Maybe it is the interest in other people.


Your biggest failure?

I suppose you do not mean my biggest lapse but my weakness. This is as difficult as the last question! I always think about my behavoir etc. Currently, I wish to be more resolute more spontaneous


What is it that you most detest?

Detest … I think, it is violence respectively to put violant pressure on others.


Your motto?

To experience and learn something new every day.

Franziska Vent, Bunkerschlag, Lieblingsstil, Golfclub hubbelrath

Warum spielst Du Golf, Franziska Vent, Lieblingsstil



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