How to combine a knitted dress?

By Petra Dieners

How to combine a knitted dress? This question I was asked by a good friend some weeks ago. A knitted dress always looks good with a short leather jacket in biker style or a coat in same length as the dress.

I liked a lot the sportive, young and chic outfit with the bomber jacket from Jan Mayen on the picture above. With rustic boots the look would be perfect!

New are the short coats in medium length. If in slim cut from Max Mara or oversized from Semione they match very well with a knitted dresses and look very noble.

A short jacket in blazer style for example from Rosso 35 appears more “serious” .

More easy but still noble are vests and capes. The capes should not be too long or too wide. This cape shown further down is from Betta Corradi.

Kurzmantel Max Mara, Elena Düsseldorf, Lieblingsstil Oversize Jacke in mint von Semione, Elena Düsseldorf, LieblingsstilPelzcape Betta Corradi, Elena, Lieblingsstil



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