2 MyJackety styles – ideal for spring time

By Petra Dieners

What do I wear when it is still cool outside? What shall I wear when a blazer is to formal? In the month of March and April I do sometimes not know what to wear. I do not like the winter clothes anymore. I want to have spring now!

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The poncho jacket “MyJackety” fits to blouses, shirts and turtlenecks, variable depends on the temperature. This jacket is much cooler as a blazer and looks great with trousers or jeans as well as with pumps or sneakers. The jacket is made from 100% cashmere and is available in the online store here. http://shop.lieblingsstil.com/allgemein/my-jackety-dunkelblau-ein-traum-in-cashmere/

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With a turtleneck and sneakers MyJackety also looks nice! Have a nice day!

Potos:  Ansgar Bolle

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