CPD: My fashion show look

By Petra Dieners

What should I wear at a fashion show? When I watch the ladies at the fashion shows the outfits are very different. From a long evening dress to torn jeans and sneakers everything can be seen.

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My look is “in between”. Not too elegant and not too sporty. I love pattern mix and colours!

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The pants is from Pucci. I combine this with a leo fur vest from my grandma Helene. The blouse is from Tory Burch and is very classical. The shoes from Tara Jarmon in metallic make the look out of ordinary.  The Twilly from Hermès which I have for a long time has the same colours as the pants. The Vintage bag from Roberta Camerino is from the 60ies and matches with this look.

Have a nice day!

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