A visit to the showroom of Steffen Schraut

By Petra Dieners

Steffen Schraut is on top of my list visiting the different showrooms during the fashion fair CPD in Düsseldorf. The designer celebrates his 15th anniversary this year and has just been awarded with the Düsseldorf Fashion Prize.

Dr. Anja Hermes from DMD Deutsche Modedesigner and myself are happy to see the latest collection! Steffen Schraut shows his Highlights. He tells us that only artificial fur will be used for his new collection. Here a blouson in leo optic. Love!

Steffen Schraut, Petra Dieners, Dr. Anja Hermes, Steffen Schraut Showroom, Lieblingsstil.com, Copy Right Stella Publishing Pure Lebenslsut, DSC_5484

My favorite is the dress with the trumpet sleeves.

Steffen Schraut Showroom, Steffen Schraut, Dr. Anja Hermes, Petra Dieners, Lieblingsstil.com, Fashionlog Lieblingsstil, 1,DSC_5480

In this coat I feel at ease! The cuffs are from artificial fur and no difference can be seen.

Steffen Schraut Showroom, Anja Hermes, Petra Dieners, Modeblog Lieblingsstil, Lieblingsstil.com, Copy Right Stella Publishing Pure Lebenslust, DSC_5507Super cute are the Steffen Schraut smileys.

Steffen Schraut Accessoires, Steffen Schraut Smiley, Steffen Schraut Showroom, Lieblingsstil.com, DSCF4020

Here some more nice impressions of the latest autumn winter collection of Steffen Schaut. But at first we are looking froward to spring and summer and many new looks, which I will show to you soon!

Steffen Schraut Kollektion Winter 2017 - 2018, Steffen Schraut Style, Fashionblog Lieblingsstil, Lieblingsstil.com, DSCF4017Steffen Schraut latest Collection, Steffen Schraut Styles Winter 2017 -2018, Fashionblog Lieblingsstil, Lieblingsstil.com, DSCF4012Steffen Schraut Styles, Steffwn Schraut Showroom, Modeblog Lieblingsstil, Lieblingsstil.com, DSCF4013Photos: Ingo Kabutz, Copy Right: Stella Publishing Pure Lebenslsut

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