A talk with the german fashion designer Steffen Schraut

By Petra Dieners


During the Ladies Lunch at Breuninger I just sat opposite of designer Steffen Schraut.

I love his fashion because he implents all latest trends but the collection also is classical and wearable!

Steffen Schraut makes a minimalistic design and at the same time there are a lot of nice details. His style is modern, individual and cool.

Since last year he has a shoe collection. too. At the shoe fair GDS I saw some very nice models! Now the designer also makes bags.  

Steffen Schraut is a very nice person and despite his great succes in a very short time he still is down to earth.


His parents had a fashion company making blouses. So very early he got in touch with the fashion business.

After his parents´ company was sold he worked as an international trend scout and travelled all over the globe.He filed all his impressions. “That time it was not possible to see everything in the Internet as today”, he says.

He also worked for the well known German fashion expert Albert Eickhoff, who asked Steffen one time: “Why you do not start your own company?”

14 years ago he founded his fashion company STEFFEN SCHRAUT and now he sells to 25 countries.

His favourite look at the moment is a clean and preppy look. A double face coat in blue and black combined with a white blouse, a lurex sweater and tuxedo pants.


Steffen Schraut likes the German photo artist Andreas Gursky as he is impressed what he makes possible with photos.

He loves travelling to Los Angeles because LA is a step ahead. “In respect to food, fitness and interpersonal the people are much more open minded and ahead the rest of the world,” he says.




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