By Petra Dieners

We still remember the times when we loved clogs. As a young girl I was very proud of my red ones. The clogs we know are closed at the front.

Get the look: The new ones look like sandales but the sole and heel is from wood. This year Prada had very nice clogs in their collection but I did not want to spend so much money for shoes made from wood! I got very similar ones on sale from Sandro Rosi at Burresi, Frankfurt airport. They had comfortable ones and some with a very high heel. Are you brave? Wear the clogs with thick socks in winter!

Outfit: Oversize blouse from Steffen Schraut, Jeans from Please, Clogs from Sandro Rosi, Peekaboo bag in grey from Fendi

Clogs, Sandro Rosi, Lieblingsstil,Peekaboo


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