Styling tipp: Get out your silk twill again – 4 different styles

By Petra Dieners

You find silk twills old-fashioned? I think it depends on the right styling! After I’ve been holding my silk scarfs 90 x 90 cm in my wardrobe for some years now and not wearing them, I just fall in love with them again. Combined with a pearl necklace and a black suit, silk scarfs look a bit old-fashioned. But with a used or plain jeans to a white cotton blouse or a cream-colored silk blouse with sneakers or leo pumps, a silk twill is the ideal, colourfutl accessory! Try it! I am sure you still have one in your wardrobe!

You can tie the scarf like a loop to a collarless blouse then you will have a new sled blouse.

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You can knot it like a tie with a collarless blouse.

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It looks very casual, if you just put it around your neck.

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Fold the scarf with the “edges” two times inwards. Then place the “wide” side in front of the neck and tie the ends together in the front. You can push the node slightly to the side. Looks nice not only with sore throat … Have a nice day!

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