0039 Italy: Christmas-Cocktail with Aysen Bitzer

By Petra Dieners

0039 Italy, Bluse 0039 Italy, Bluse mit Vögeln, Fashion Blog Lieblingsstil, Mode Blog Lieblingsstil

Aysen Bitzer-Bourak, designerin and entrepreneur had invited to a Christmas-Punch in her pop-up store in Düsseldorf.

All began with a blouse. Today 0039 Italy has 1500 customers. The blouse is still one of the most important pieces in the collection. Bright colours, great patterns, oversize cuts and applications: The choice is big and the selection not easy.

The blouse with the birds I find outstanding. The Leo coat shown further down is unfortuantely too big for me. I like this coat a lot as the cut is cool, the fabric is soft and leo matches with everything but not leo.

Mantel Leo 0039 Italy, 0039Italy, Lieblingsstil, Pop Up Store Düsseldorf



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