Fashion literature: Women in Clothes

By Petra Dieners

Why is fashion so fascinating and diffrent?  You will know the answer from the book “Women in Clothes”. 564 women with diffrent backgrounds tell in a very personal manner about other women, zones of their body, the dress style of their mother and about taste.

It is very interesting is to read about different motivations what to wear for a funeral!

Many women report why they wear which clothes and what they like to express.

The book contains many photos of different fashion passions of women. For example, there are 15 different kinds of clogs of one woman, white nightclothes, trench coats, necklaces, dresses, wollies, blue jeans, navy blazers and a lot more.

An interesting panorama of styles, self-doubts of woman and reasons how to dress.

It has been published by Blue Ride Press, Penguin Group. Have fun!

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