Goldschmiede Schubart: Searching for clues

By Petra Dieners

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Bärbel and Thomas Schubart took a long distance flight, 2 domestic flights and drove many hours by car in a pickup to get an impression on the spot. They traveled to Brazil to the state Minas Gerais to meet their stoneshapers personally. Most of the coloured stones Schubart sells are from this area.

The mines where the best auquamarines in the world, crystals and tourmalines in different colours can be found are heavily guarded. ” You have to pass many gates, to reach the reference, ” tells Bärbel Schubart.

It takes a long time until an aquamarine has been found. If special lines and constellations of citrines and smoky quartz can be seen, the chance to find an aquamarine is big.

For Family Schubart it was very important to see the living standard of the team who carefully sorts and shapes the stones in Brazil. There is no exploitation. The families have a good life there.

The boss of the team has a special hobby! He is reforesting the rainforest. He says: “I take these wonderful stones from the earth and by planting new trees I give something back to nature.” Mr. and Mrs. Schubart have also planted two trees.

Goldsmithing Schubart puts great emphasis on quality. The aquamarines stay naturally and are not irradiated. That means each stone is different and does not loose individuality by radiotherapy. Goldschmiede Schubart is well known for the uniqueness of the stones.

The square ring in gold is a natural topas. The pink stone is a morganit. The both rings in grey gold have aquamarines.

Schubart Goldschmiede, Goldschmiede Schubart, Lieblingsstil,1



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