New York – 6 Street styles from Soho

By Petra Dieners

During our New York visit in January I have taken some pictures of street styles in Soho which I like to show you. Hannah (titelphoto) I find very cool. She mostly wears second hand fashion and clothes from her father.  From old she makes new and creates new styles according to her taste. Here an outfit from clothes from her father.

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These ladies from New York are on their way to find new styles. Warmly dressed they stroll through the streets of Soho.

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At each finger one ring!

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Polina is funny and in a good mood. Under her hat her hair has grey highlights. She works at Nicole Miller in the Greene Street.

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This woman is a bit annoyed because so many photographers ask to take a picutre of her.

Something different on my blog: A men street style! Collarless shirt and cardigan reach to the knee of this used look jeans. The hat is a must in Soho!

Intermix New York, Intermix Soho New York, Soho Intermix, Soho shops, Soho shopping, XXXXXX,, 1, IMG_5311 (002)The store manager of Intermix also wears a hat. The long wide skirts she combines with a fake fur jacket. Her collegues matches a blue blouson with skinny jeans in black.

See you!

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