Fashionable style: Norwegian sweater with volants pants

By Petra Dieners

While window shopping I have seen simelar pants a lot.  Pants with volants are very fashionable! For me this pants is my favorite of this season! But how to combine this pants? If highheels or sneakers, if silk blouse or wide Sweater  this pants matches with all!

Rüschenhose, Zara Hose Rüsche, Norweger Pulli, RedValentino Pullover, RedValentino Sweater, Fashionblog Lieblingsstil,,_DSF9398

I have combined the pants with volants with a slim norwegian sweater with trumpet sleeves from RedValentino. Similar pants I have seen from Gucci, H&M und Maje. Unfortunately I could not find any links for you but have a look at the stores.

The shoes are from Gucci. Have fun while combining a new style!

Hose mit Volant, Volanthose, Rüschenhose, Hose mit Rüsche, Volant pants, pants volants, Fashionblog Lieblingsstil,, _DSF9460Photos: Ansgarbollephotography,

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