Vintage by Monika Gottlieb – The best of the best

By Petra Dieners


I ike to tell you of one of my favourite booths on the Clogne Art Fair! About the couture collector Monika Gottlieb I already told you. When I was on the art fair I also visited her booth. What shall I say? It was exactly my taste! Monika Gottlieb had decorated all her nice pieces in a very lovely way. One handbag is nicer as the other! Although all pieces are old they look as new. Monika Gottlieb showed bags from Roberta di Camerino, Chanel and Hermès as well as vintage suitcases from Goyard and from Roberta di Camerino, too. The fashion jewelries from Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent are from the fifities and sixties. Monika Gottlieb also showed jewelries, which were created by Gossens for Chanel and YSL.


Immediately I fall in love with these bags from Roberta di Camerino!


Great is the coloured fashion illustration from David Downtown for Yves Saint Laurent.


One time a auctionmaker said: “Monika, from you I would buy all as I know that all pieces from you are in top condition.”

What I love about these bags is that they are very seldom and thus so “individual”.


Monika Gottlieb shows her collection only once a year in Cologne and has no official marketing address. If you are interested in her bags please let me know I can make a contact for you. Have a nice day!


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