Hermès Event: 4 artists create store windows

By Petra Dieners

Hermès had invited to a vernissage “store window art” last Monday in Düsseldorf. For the first time Hermès and the Art Academy Düsseldorf worked together and realized a project with the Hermès topic of the year “The nature in free gallop”. Four young artists who love the craft and quality and who see the special requirement of a store window as a challenge were selected for this project.

David Mackaay has created a great shell.  On the “Giant Shell” a valuable jewel is draped.

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Christoph Westermeier has designed two windows: Dolphin und Octopus. The dolphin made from glas is a scene for nice jewelries. Ein stylized octopus is a stage for the new Hermès china.

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Lucia Setnikova, student of Andreas Gursky, has created an underground Jungle which lookes like a rabbit hole and is ascenerey for a red bag.

Especialle I love the window “Wanderlust” (title photo) from Nina Nowak! The sculptor has folded paper of regional hiking maps to a palm, cactus, trees and a mountain chaine and has set the Hermés Sneakers perfectly in scene.

Think it is a great idea to combine art with nice products and to make each boutique individually!

Bettina Setareh and Monika Gottlieb (fashion collector) was also at the Vernissage. Monika Gottlieb was wearing a look in orange with red shoes and a coat with the colours orange, red, purple and gold.

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The boutique was decorated in the colours blue, green and turquoise. Hermès Taschen, Hermès Tasche grün, Hermès Tasche blau, Hermès Tasche türkis, Fashion Blog Lieblingsstil, Fashionblog Lieblingsstil, Modeblog Lieblingsstil

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