Le Jas des Roberts: Antique market in Grimaud – for collectors and vintage lovers

By Petra Dieners

I have bought my first vintage clothing! After we have been arrived in South France on Saturday, I went to the antique market in Grimaud on Sunday in the early morning. Every Sunday morning the market takes palce at the Rte de Grimaud. A real insider tip! The atmosphere under the pine trees with international visiters is just great. That morning I met Patrice de Colmont (owner of the legendary Club 55)  with a candle holder in his hand and the owners of the trendy boutique Othello were walking around, too.


Granted 80% is junk but there are many nice things to discover: Paintings and photos, old silver, glasses and china, antique furniture and garden furniture and of course vintage designer clothes as well as Chanel brooches, necklaces and erarrings, Hermès and Louis Vuitton bags.

antikmarkt-grimaud-sonntagsmarkt-grimaud-antiquite-marche-grimaud-antique-market-grimaud-lifestyle-blog-st-tropez-blogger-lieblingsstil0antikmarkt-grimaud-sonntagsmarkt-grimaud-antiquite-marche-grimaud-antique-market-grimaud-lifestyle-blog-st-tropez-blogger-lieblingsstil1antikmarkt-grimaud-sonntagsmarkt-grimaud-antiquite-marche-grimaud-antique-market-grimaud-lifestyle-blog-st-tropez-blogger-lieblingsstilIt is nice to have breakfast in the sun on the big terrace at Robert. The interior of the restaurants is similar to the market. A big fashion photography, a Jesus in neon yellow, a painting with farmer´s wifes, a Harley Davidson neon sign and a collection of garden gnomes. All is the mix!

le-jas-des-roberts-lejasderoberts-restaurant-vintage-market-grimaud-antique-market-grimaud-lifestyle-blog-lieblingsstil le-jas-des-roberts-robert-restaurant-grimaud-antikmarkt-grimaud-troedelmarkt-grimaud-lifestyle-blog-fashionblog-lieblingsstil

Actually I was looking for a nice plate for cheese or a brooch. But although the choice is huge I did not find anything I liked. But suddenly I saw a checked coat from Cacharel which was apparently never worn. After a small price discussion the coat belonged to me! For EUR 75,–!

How the coat looks like I will show you soon!


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