Interview with Barbara Sturm – some personal questions

By Petra Dieners


I was interested in which make-up the beauty specialist Dr. Barbara Sturm is using, what style she likes, what kinds of sports she does and how much you need to spend for a pefect wrinkle treatment.


What is your personal favorite style in clothing?

I love timeless elegance; I find that this is what fits best to me. Elegant in a classic modern way.


What would you never wear / wear?

I think the answer is Birkenstocks. Despite their new collections…


You do not wear make-up often, what do you use?

I regularly receive some gifts, for example from Dior or Yves Saint Laurent. From time to time, product samples are being sent to me and then I choose something that suits me. If I have to do my own make-up, I like to use Armani Luminous. Their make-up looks beautiful and natural on the skin. It is not so obvious and looks super natural.


So we cannot expect a Make-Up line from you?

Yes, currently I am developing a “Primer Collection” together with a Make-up Artist from L.A. It is going to be something natural which also cares for the skin. We are working on that right now. Moreover, there is also another project that is going to be released soon, but we cannot discuss it yet.


Are you doing a lot of sports?

I wish! In Düsseldorf a personal trainer, Marika Blankenstein, supports me since around 10 years now, I am doing back exercises with her. I had terrible back pain and she helped me to build up and stabilize the affected muscles. Due to the newborn, the pain has become increasingly stronger right now. Nevertheless, when I am here in Düsseldorf, I am doing sports two or three times a week with her and if I am not there, I am trying to do something on my own. Basically I like to be active and am playing Tennis, doing water gymnastics and like to ski. However, it’s not the case that I am going for a run everyday. I do not believe in running anyway. Running gives the gravity an additional force, I am not stupid (laughing). If you take a closer look on the marathon runners, you will see that they look older than they are. Running makes you thin but also wrinkled.

I really do thought about a mask for runners.


Your biggest mistake or vice?

I have many mistakes and some of them are useful. I think I am impulsive and sometimes I am doing premature actions, because I am not thinking about it enough. On the other side, this enhances a driving force and enthusiasm. Unfortunately I also forget many birthdays…My daughter reminded me today of the birthday of my own brother.

But generally I am a very lovely person.


What is your motto?

It is what it is. Happy is someone who is able to forget what is unchangeable.

I focus on what is happening today and leave tomorrow for tomorrow.

In this matter I am fairly Buddhist.


How much money do you need to calculate if you want to be pretty and how much do you have to invest for an appointment in your praxis?

That depends on what you want to have.

A women in our age would have to come twice a year for a perfect result, whereby the first session, which gives you a solid basis, costs around 2.500€ and the second one will be around 1.500€.


What would you recommend a woman, who isn’t able to pay that much for a beauty treatment?

That is very individual. But for example there is a filler material called “Radiesse”. I like to use this on my own. One injection is filled with 1,5 ml and is about 600€. You can spread it over the face every 6 months and it is very helpful.


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