Interview with architect Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven

By Petra Dieners

I have only met very view poeple with such such a creative personality. Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven immediately facinated me with her ideas, designs and projects.

The superwoman has studied at the Technical University of Aachen, Germany. She has written her thesis on freetime and leisure architecture “Form follows fun”.

“Drdi” as she calls herself, does not like the right angle as it does not existent in nature. “The most important thing is that poeple feel well in her architecture”, she says.

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Below, she wears her favourite style; high-necked blouse with sexy overknees from Chloé. The blouse was designed by her daughter the fashion designer Lilly Ingenhoven. She bought the cardigan on the German island Sylt. The jeans is from Abercrombie. I like her necklace with the cross which is perfectly matching with her look.

Drdi, Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven, Lieblingsstil, Architektur für das 21. Jahrhundert

You have five children and you are very successful. That is great! What is your motivation?

…it is all about love, life and lough. The target is to be happy.


You have an outstanding webpage. Going through the menu I have the feeling your ideas are bubbleing. Did you create your webpage yourself?

Thank you! The artist will be happy to hear this. My team and myself create everything together with professionals. In this case with the artist who new how to integrate influences of culture, music, fashion, design and art into our concept.


For which project are you working at the moment?

The first daycare facility for children of Swarowski is just ready.


What have been you favourite projects so far?

The suspendend curtain wall for Swarovski in front of the production facility in Wattens, Austria and the healthcare centre of the Hotel Lanserhof in Ians next to Innsbruck, but also the design collection for thermopol for which I have won the Red Dot Design Award.

Swarovski Schleier, Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhofen

Your projects have names as „Jesus meets showgirls“ for a pharmacy in Munich or „Jelly Fish“ for a gastroenterologist in Remscheid. That sounds so exciting that I would like to see these projects immediately. Is that your working title or the source of your inspiration?

Our office stands for strong projects and they always have a story. Out of this there are developing poetic and phantasy worlds similar to Alice in wonderland.


What exactly did you create for Swarovski?

The first project was the suspendend curtain wall in front of the production facility in Wattens. There is the main place of production of the popular brilliant. The company has been founded 1895 by Daniel Swarovski near Innsbruck. Swarovski has bulit up a brand with artists, designers and architects, who have contemporary interpreted the company .Swarovski wished to have a representative beautification in front of the factory halls in terms of the brand philisophy. Now there is standing a tranparent curtain as a modern hedge of Sleeping Beauty 300 m long and 10 m height at the Swarovski street.

The second project is the first daycare facility for children of Swarovski which is next to the big curtain. The design is following the goethean chromatic circle, which is linked with different characteristics such as good, precious and nice. The guiding theme for this building was in this case the snowflake which is different as each human being.


Which projects did you develop for the fashion section?

For Irma Mahnel we have developed the first showroom. At the moment we are planning the flagshipstore in Monte Carlo für Allude.


Where do you get all these ideas?

The world belongs to those who see the beauty, love the moment and see something invisible … all is enlighted.


Does money play a role in the realization of your projects or can you draw on unlimitd resources?

Appearances are deceptive…


Your daughter Lilly Ingenhoven is a fashion designer. Did you help your daughter setting up her showroom?

Lilly is a miracle by nature and has unbelievable much energy. We often consult each other.


What would be your dream project in future?

Dreamworld on the move.


You look unbelievable young! What significance has to look young in your life?

When something is old I throw it away …


Who is your favourite designer?

My favourite deisgner is Lilly Ingenhoven. Lilliy has shown me the world of Anya Hindmarch. The fanciful fashion showout of this world has enchanted myself. Giambatista Valli, Dries van Noten … I like almost all designers. If something is nice I´m happy.


What is you personal favourite style?

Love for the detail, understatement, nowadays I have found my style in which I feel good.


How would do you define style?

Style is a tool to express yourself.


Is there something you would never wear?

A bathrobe


Who are your favourite painters?

Rafael and Dürer because they show a raised image of the human.


Where do you like to travel?

In a city which does not yet exist and where love is triumphing.


Where would you like to live?

I stay in my dreamworld.



Your biggest failure?

To err is human. Everyone makes mistakes.


Your Motto?

Heaven is a place on earth

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