A Poncho for the gentlemen – how fashionable are men?

By Petra Dieners

On your opinion I am very curious!!! Some weeks ago Ingo Kabutz from the Magazine Pure Lebenslust asks me about my opinion on a poncho for men. In the first moment I could not really imagine but Ingo describes the poncho for men in detail and I have a concrete idea now: A long and really wide scarf in dark blue with fringes which can be put on the shoulders and around the neck.

When I see Ingo with his new poncho for the first time I think: Super chic and something really new in the men fashion! A new trend which looks very cool but at the same time classical. It matches with a suit as well as with a jeans.


Männerponcho, Poncho für den Herren, Pocho für Männer, Herrenponcho, Ingo Kabutz Pure Lebenslust, Lieblingsstil.com, CR Uwe Erensmann, Auswahl 2A certain portion of self-consciouness is needed. The poncho is from 100% wool and is from  Sieger. The poncho is available in grey, too.

On your opinion I am very curious! Have you ever seen a poncho for a man on the street? Should men be more brave in respect to fashion? Looking forward to hearing from you! Have a nice day!

Fotos: Uwe Erensmann

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