Preludio Capri: hand made sandales individuell according own wishes

By Petra Dieners

There is hardly a chance to get the turn. But I keep going! On board the cruise ship Gennaro Bisanti makes sandales according to individual wishes. At first I cannot decide at all: coulurful stones, silver –/ gold chaines, plain, colourful, flat heel, small heel, leather in pink, blue, nature etc.. I crumble in a sack of colourful stones and jewels insects. It´s reeally fun to be creative and to choose leather and applications.



I need a bit of a time to convince Gennaro to accept my choice. Python look with colourful applications. When the shoes are ready Gennaro says it is a very nice pair!



The feet are measured, the position of the leather and of the stones is dicussed. There are at least two fittings.



When the sandals are ready I go as on clouds. In Key West I walk hours through the streets. No bubble torments me.



Gennaro tells that he had an own factory with 137 workers and a flaship store on the 5th Avenue in New York. Shoes were made for Chanel, Jimmy Choo and many other big brands.

In the nineties after a crises he had to close the firm. Now Gennaro works for Preludio Capri. They have shops in Rome and during summer time in Florence. This year additional shops are planned; first in Sardegna and Forte Dei Marmi. Gennaro is the manager in charge of  for cruise ships. Preludio Capri has a Special agreement with Silversea and has booths on all cruise ships to offer their products. The customers love the comfortable, nice and individual made sandals. Gennaro tells: „Even on the cruise to Alaska I have not sold less than on a journey through the Carribean.“



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