Pink stockings from bachhoch2 – quite cool

By Petra Dieners

Some time ago I have told you about Stella Achenbach and her nice handbags. But Stella not only makes bags but also stockings and bodies together with her business partner Ulf Thomas Solbach. As both surnames contain the word  “bach” they found the brand name “bachhoch2”!

It requires some courage to wear stockings in pink. The “Knee Stocking 2running brick azalea” look less fancy with sneaker if the rest of the outfit is black. Also with jeans, a white blouse and sneaker the pink stockings look great!


With the green shoes I love the pink stockings, too …

bachhoch2-pink-socks-socken-pink-fashion-blog-modeblog-lieblingsstil-com-petra-dienersPhotos: Ansgarbollephotography

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