4 examples: Long skirts are the latest trend!

By Petra Dieners

I am already back to Germany but I would not like to miss to inform you about the latest trends I have seen in St. Tropez. Long skirts combined with silk or white blouses or thick sweaters are the new trend for the day! The picutre above shows a long skirt from PINKO in green with flower pattern which fits well with black and dark blue. The combination with the pink frilly blouse and the leather jacket I like very much!

Marie Bach is presenting long dresses existing of a white blouse with a long skirt for the summer. The waist is emphasized by a wide belt or ribbon.

Lange Röcke, langer Rock mit weißer Bluse, long skirt, langer Rock, long skirt with blouse white, Marie Bach St. Tropez

For the new season I have seen long skirts in different colours with silk blouses in pattern mix.

Lange Röcke, langer Rock mit Bluse, long skirt, langer Rock, long skirt with blouse, Marie Bach St. Tropez,1

Oversize sweaters with long skirts and sneakers I really love!!!

By the way! One more trend are blouses which are closed on the back. They look great but you need patience and some training to close them by yourself…

langer Rock mit Pullover, langer Rock und Pullover, long skirt, langer Rock, long skirt with sweater, long skirt with pullover, Lieblingsstil,1

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