My intern Lara shows us her favourite look!

By Petra Dieners

Hi there!

Today I would like to introduce to you my intern Lara (16) . She goes to an english international school and is currently in year 10. Lara is very interested in art and also in fashion design. In the future Lara would like to study something in the department of art, preferably in London or Milano.

Lara will accompany me to my meetings, do translations and maybe also will write her own contribution to the blog. During the time of her internship here, she will additionally create six summer and six winter looks, which we will present to you at the end of her work experience.

Today Lara is wearing her favourite look. The camouflage jacket is from Blue Rinse. Her jeans are from Superdry, the top is from Abercrombie & Fitch. The shoes are from Adidas and her bag is from Michael Kors.

The jacket is vintage, and even thought it is produced by Blue Rinse it is only sold at the store The brand Blue Rinse was founded 1997 in the UK. They use recycled and older used clothes, which are then re-designed to create new, cool vintage pieces.


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