Strategist with Italian charme and chic: Diana Ferro

By Petra Dieners

Diana Ferro (49) is full of energy and power. Her italian chic she owes her roots. The charm comes from inside!

Since 2008 Diana Ferro is CEO of Dr. Suwelack Skin & Health Care AG. She has studied Business Management und was always interested in biology. For Kinetic Concepts (KCI) she worked in San Antonia, Texas and Amsterdam before.

Recently I met her at the headquarter in Billerbeck. On the photos she is wearing her favourite look of this season. A great outfit from Bottega Veneta; a pepita skirt and a leather top in green.

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Which technologies do you use for your products?

MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack emphasizes intensive reasearch to utilize biological modes of action for use Med Care, Aesthetic Care and Professional Skin Care. By stimulating  biological regenaration processes, we offer solutions for tissue and skin regeneration. These are powerfully-acting biomechanisms that meet even the most demanding requirements.

The key to our unique innovations is a combination of biological mechanisms which occur in nature but not act together naturally.

Our solutions are the result of scientific research and technological leadership. The Advanced CryoSafe Method allows us to preserve and refine the properties of biomaterials.

We deliver our products for example to Reviderm oder Thalgo and many more which I am not allowed to tell you.

Our products are made from 97% collagen. The effect is visible immediatly.

Last year we have bought the company Dr. Kitzinger. Dr. Kitzinger is a plastic surgeon and alsways says:  „Aging is like a very slow burning of the skin“. You just have to counter with the right ingredients. The range includes 28 products. As we need three to four years for a new product development Dr. Kitzinger is for us the perfect complement.


What is your personal beauty-tip?

Take time for your skin care and if you don´t think you have time try a collagen-mask while watching TV or working at the computer at home.


Which products are you using?

I swear on our Vitamin C (Juveel), it is great and I do once a quarter a cure.  Furthermore I use the Serum Daily Repair from Dr. Kitzinger and the Fruits Face Cream. For emmidiate effects I use the Liftergy Eye Mask.


Who are you favourite designers?

Prada und Bottega Veneta


What is your personal favourite style?

Business and official I like precious eleganz – private casual, sportiv and cool style.


How you define style?

Style is individual and the beauty is a quation of the perspective. Authenticity is in all you are, you do, you say or you wear in my eyes the big picture and that is good style.


What is your favourite outfit?

My favourite outfit is this skirt in pepita in green with a top in leather from Bottega Veneta.


What would you never wear?

There is a big mirror at my front door which is calling me back to my wardrobe.


Who are your favoirite artists?

Max Uhlig, Helmut Rieger, Michael Morgner – and Adele!


Where would you like to travel?

There is no destination I would not like to go but I would prefer a week-end in Venice than in Pjöngjang.


Where do you like to live?

Always where I am working and once I should not work anymore I would like to follow the sun.


Your biggest mistake?

I am always searching for improvements.


Your motto?

Learn from the past without regretting anything, trust into the future without fear of something und catch the day!


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