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By Petra Dieners

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“Designed with passion and handcrafted of the softest natural material in the world, Leomax Cashmere simply makes you feel good.” Ulrike Boye-Holzer has found the cashmere label LEOMAX COLLECTION in 2013. Unhappy with the options, she started to imagine how she would create a collection of her dreams. One year, many prototypes and several trips to Nepal later, she was proud to present her own range of beautiful cashmere goods with a steadily growing Home, Fashion, Travel and Baby Collection and a dedicated team that loves cashmere.

This pure cashmere quality is something really outstanding! The scarfs for winter or the ulta feather light summer scarfs are a dream and for me something really special! Available are these products in leading stores or online: leomax-collection.com

Ulrike Boye-Holzer, founder and Managing Director of LEOMAX Cashmere, studied Business Management in Germany and has many years of experience in consulting and business development. Since 2008 she lived with her family in Dubai and now shares her time between Dubai and the Mediterranean island Malta, appreciating the multicultural lifestlyle and year-round sunshine – perfect conditions for creativity and establishing an international brand of beautiful luxury pieces. Building LEOMAX Cashmere Collection reflects her passion and values: affinity for pure design, appreciation of superior craftsmanship and a belief that modern companies should embrace transparency and sustainability. During a family trip to Nepal in 2012, Ulrike got in touch with the most wonderful material in the world: Cashmere of finest quality. Later on she was searching for some luxurious, simple cashmere blankets and shawls of this outstanding quality in Germany and the United Arab Emirates. But most Cashmere goods she came across were too colorful, with embroidery, overpriced and often of poor Cashmere quality or blended fabrics.

Leomax shawls and blankets are only made from A grade 100% cashmere. No other materials such as cotton, wool or silk are added. It is just pure cashmere!

The „one size fits all“ fashion collection will be expanded frequently. Each piece is independent from season as they shall bear their owner years.

Ulrike Boye-Holzer has countless Leomax shawls and cashmere plaids at home: “I´m testing every product by myself.”

Her own fashion style is elegante and pure combined with special accessories. Not always easy as she has lived in Dubai and Malta where the temperature is high. She would never wear rubber boots. Her favourite designers are Giorgio Armani, Donna Karan, Tory Burch, Carolina Herrera and her favourite Artist is Jean-Michel Basquiat, she told me.

“I love to spend carefree moments with my family without any time pressure and “to do lists ” in the head – of course preferred on a beach in Thailand or a week alone in New York, ” she says. “Nepal, Middle East, Thailand, California, New York and Paris are my favourite destinations but I would like to live in Vancouver.”

Her Motto:„A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step“

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