Katja Schnabel runs the Fashion Hotel Indigo and offers fresh and healthy food of regional suppliers

By Petra Dieners

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With a feeling of fashion, with esprit, passion and enthusiasm the hotel Manager Katja Schnabel and Karolin Grun have developed the Fashion Boutique Hotel Indigo in Düsseldorf!

Why a fashion hotel? The Hotel Indigo is located next to the fashion showrooms of the city. One year the hotel has been rebuilt and designed according to the ideas and input of Katja Schnabel und Karolin Grun. Nothing was left to chance! The hotel is designed from the lobby to the highest hotel floor. Each level is dedicated to a fashion decade of the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, ninties and to 2000. On each floor there are shown texts with most important information of each fashion decade and at the same time the ultralarge photos of Armin Morbach can be marveld. The room numbers are also designed with fashion photos. In each room the Vogue and a Düsseldorfer Lifestyle magazine can be found.


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In the Lobby is a big bookshelf with selected fashion books.

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The Hotel Indigo belongs to the Interconti group but is very individual.

Another very intersting aspect is that the hotel has regional food suppliers only. All groceries and ingredients come from the region around Düsseldorf and of suppliers the hotel manager knows personally. The 520 eggs which are needed per week Katja Schnabel picks up by herself at the farm. For Katja Schnabel (42) it is very important that the hotel guests have a healthy and fresh breakfast.

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By the way: Katja Schnabel is the Hotel Manager of 2015! In Düsseldorf the Hotel Indigo is under the top four.


I´m excited of this concept! A fashion hotel with healthy and fresh food is exactly what I like!


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