Fragonard: An excursion to Grasse

By Petra Dieners

Grasse is still the centre of the production for perfume in France. The little town is located in the rear of Cannes and is surrounded of lavendel fields and gardens with lemons, oranges, roses, jasmine, thyme, rosemary and violet which are needed for the perfume production. One tonne of orange blossoms is needed to get on liter orange oil out of it!

There is a museum of the perfume history as well as different perfumer, such as Fragonard and Molinard. Yesterday we have been to Fragonard. Here guided tours of the old production facilities and its own museum are offered.


Eugène Fuchs had the idea to sell directly from the perfum production to the tourists and has opened the perfumery Fragonard in 1926. He dedicated the name of the originating painter from Grasse Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806), to preserve traditions. The company is managed by the fourth generation of the two women Agnès and Francoise.

At Fragonard it is not all about perfume. Fascinating is the assortment depth which has been built up in the last years and which is sold via own boutiques e.g. in Nizza, Paris etc. A touch of Hermès but more romantic and at the same time cooler and less expensive. Fragonard is offering dresses and tunics, scarfs and bags. I love the scarfs on the picture below!


At “Fragonard Maison” you can find china and tablecloths, blankets etc. which are all finely tuned. For me it was new that there is also a range for the small ones “Fragonard Petit”.

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Merchandising par excellence! At Fragonard the product, the packaging as well as the carry bag are styled. Visitors are immersed in a Fragonard world!


In Grasse there are also other interesting shops. At “La Fleurée de Pastel”  are offered clothes and tableware in light bleu and white only.

La Fleurée de Pastel Grasse, Fashionblog Lieblingsstil, Modeblog Lieblingsstil, Fashion Blog Lieblingsstil, Lifestyle Blog Lieblingsstil

At “Poterie des dones!” I also have seen nice cushion covers, tableclothes etc.

Grasse is worth a trip!

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