Simone and Iris Kuechler: New shopper creation

By Petra Dieners

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From models to designers! In December I have already written about the two model sisters Simone and Iris Kuechler who are the owner, founder and creator of MARIKAS a french luxury handbag label  made in Paris, France. Last week they have visited me and have shown to me their latest creation the DAYYDS Shopper. The grande size shopper is characterized by elegance and casualness.

Made all out of silk the shopper is super light and available in the colours: gold, marine and pink. 

Also available in petite size – like the pink one and a perfect fashion match for any occassion.

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I love the bags because they fit to elegant outfits and match with sneakers also.

In autumn the Marikas bags are available in luxury department stores as well as in concept stores. For anyone who want to get the hotspot already now – mail to: or call under +49 1578 7676 572.

photos: Ansgar Bolle Photography

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