O.Jacky: Great idea for your mobile phone!

By Petra Dieners

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Isn´t it cool? Dr. Martina Greiling has a dog. While walk the dog the pockets are full of keys, treats and other dog utensils. Where to put the mobile phone?

Then the dentist had an idea and the O. JACKY CROSSBODY SMARTPHONE BAG was born. High quality material, great design combined with a practical idea. The cover in classical or bright colours protects the smartphone and is available any time. Searching in your handbag and dropping your phone will be past.

This idea I really love! You need to be brave to make dreams come true! I have met the two owners Sabine Jost and Dr. Martina Greiling beginning of this week. Since that time I always have my smartphone “at my Body”. The mobile phone bag is worn crossbody. I find this ultra chic, cool and very useful. All phone functions are possible in the bag. It is available for IPhone 5 & 6. In Germany the bag costs EUR 39,99. Have a look at www.o.jacky-berlin.com

O. JACKY CROSSBODY SMART PHONEBAG. Mobile Phone Tasche, Handytasche, Mobile Tasche, O Jacky, Jacky O, Fashionblog Lieblingsstil, Modeblog Liebingsstil

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