Street-Style: All in green

By Petra Dieners

Etro, Tory Burch, Dodo, APM ring, Fashionblog Lieblingsstil, Modeblog Lieblingsstil

Elisabeth Ruhland (62) is fascinating me by her looks in only one colour. All in green, all in blue or from head to toe in one other colour! She combines different colour shades of one colour to one harmonious look. “If you are getting older you need more colour”, she says.

Her trench coat in olive is from Etro, blouse Tory Burch, pants Closed, stockings COS, bag Walter Steiger, glasses Dolce & Gabbana, ring APM and the watch is from Dodo. She is also wearing a necklace and earrings in green. Only her finger nails are in dark red!

Walter Steiger, Schuhe Tod´s, Closed, COS, Fashion Blog Lieblingsstil, Mode Blog Lieblingsstil

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