Club 55

By Petra Dieners

Club 55, Club55, Lieblingsstil


In spring, autumn and winter I love it, in summer I avoid it to go there.

The most famous beach restaurant of Europe or maybe of the world is at the beach of Pampelonnne next to St. Tropez. The beautiful atmosphere in the dunes with the simple furnishing in white and the blue table clothes are something very special. There are two reasons why this beach club is so famous. The owner Patrice de Colmont is very modest and not easily impressed. Since I know this restaurant they have the same menue.

The second reason is the history. All began with a storm and a misunderstanding when Patrice de Colmont still was a child in 1953. His parents were ethnologist and documentary filmmaker, made a film about orange trade on the Mediterranean Sea and because of a Mistral they had to stay at a beach next to St. Tropez. They rented a boathouse. With the money of an inheritance they bought a piece of land in the dunes and built an accomodation later. Often they had visitors and sat in front of their hut at a big wooden table. One day a filmteam passed by and thought there is a restaurant and got a meal. For three weeks the producer Roger Vadim made a film with Brigitte Bardot and were served by the parents. This film made St. Tropez famous. Then the parents decided to open a real restaurant. This was in 1955.

At home Patrice de Colmont has a vegetable biogarden and own wine. He drives an e-car,  which is parked in front of the restaurant.

In midsummer there are so many people so that you can hardly enjoy the atmosphere. In spring, autumn and winter the ambience is great. The mediterranean dishes are light and good. Many guests love the vegetable plate which can replace a main course. The cakes are superb!

Club 55, Gemüseplatte, légumes, vegetable plate, Club55


Some guets celebrate their birthdays there and the tables are decorated with rose petals.

Club55, Club 55, gedeckte Tische, Lieblingsstil


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