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Hermés, Dior and Chanel are presenting their fashion and lifestyle products in free-standing old villas in St. Tropez. The atmosphere is just great!
The Dior villa is also hosting a smallhas also a coffee shop in front. It looks like a green and quiet oasis in the center of the next to the crowded of St. Tropez. So far, I have not tasted the food there but I have heard that especially the breakfast would be very shall be very nicenice. I will report when I was there.



Yesterday, I have been to t he Chanel villa. It has a pool in the backside. The beach collection is presented in the pool house in a very authentic way. Inside the villa the latest traditional costume collection has been presented. The manikins were wearing traditional jackets with hot pants in leather or blue jeans in the same style with socks far over the knee in light blue ambroideredembroidered with edelweiss.

I have to say that I love the collection this season. Unfortuinately the complete look is very expensive and can be worneared not too often. Only the traditional jacket can be worneared for a long time. It never will come out of fashion!


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