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New in St. Tropez – Maison Bianca – stylish at Pampelonne Beach

So stylish at the beach! On our last vacation day we reserve a table at the new beach club  Maison Bianca at Pampelonne Plage next to Saint Tropez. I love the interior design so much that I have to tell you about it! I read in another magazine that that Alexandra Tirabassi, the owner, has designed […]

Easter decoration ideas – Blumen Bergine

As promised some more ideas for Easter decoration. At Blumen Bergine everything is decorated with Los much love! During my last visit, I was so inspired that I immediately started to decorate at home. Very much I like the combination of white and pink for Easter this year. Beautiful the hortensia in pink and the Easter bunnies from wood. (Titelphoto). […]

Wonderful easter decoration at Blumen Bergine

Very early this year but I cannot await the spring time! After I have reorganized my wardrobe with the spring and summer pieces on first of March I have also looked around for new sping and easter decoration ideas. I love the huge bowl with hydrangeas decorated with some easter bunnies. So imple, so noble! […]

A Poncho for the gentlemen – how fashionable are men?

On your opinion I am very curious!!! Some weeks ago Ingo Kabutz from the Magazine Pure Lebenslust asks me about my opinion on a poncho for men. In the first moment I could not really imagine but Ingo describes the poncho for men in detail and I have a concrete idea now: A long and really wide scarf in dark […]

New York – 6 Street styles from Soho

During our New York visit in January I have taken some pictures of street styles in Soho which I like to show you. Hannah (titelphoto) I find very cool. She mostly wears second hand fashion and clothes from her father.  From old she makes new and creates new styles according to her taste. Here an outfit from clothes from […]

Galop d´Hermès: Make yourself a present!

My husband was really angry with me! He thinks that women should not buy parfums themselves! A few months ago I tested the fragrance of the perfume Galop d´Hermès in one of the Hermès boutiques. I loved the fragance so much so that I could not wait until Christmas and so I enjoy this nice smell for a few weeks … […]

A visit to the showroom of Steffen Schraut

Steffen Schraut is on top of my list visiting the different showrooms during the fashion fair CPD in Düsseldorf. The designer celebrates his 15th anniversary this year and has just been awarded with the Düsseldorf Fashion Prize. Dr. Anja Hermes from DMD Deutsche Modedesigner and myself are happy to see the latest collection! Steffen Schraut shows his […]

Highlight of the Berlin Fashion Week – The Vogue Fashion Salon

The highlight of the Fashion Week in Berlin is the Vogue Fashion Salon! The who is who of the German fashion scene is presented in the Kronprinzenpalais built 1663.  Independent and innovative! I am fascinated of the design and presentation. On three levels every designer has a quartier to show their creations. Here a presentation of Talbot […]

Soho New York: Shopping & Trends

The last stop of our winter trip is New York. My husband and our sun make a sighseeing tour and I have one day in Soho! Because the shops only open between 11 and 12 a.m. I have a tea in the lounge of the  Soho Grand Hotel. I love the interior of a Grand Hotel with […]

Jumping Philippe: Photographer Philippe Seres shows “his” Caribbean

When I sort the picutres in my computer during our voyage Philippe Seres asks me about my job. He works in the service section of the Silver Spirit and tells that he is actually a photographer. He shows his picutres which he made in the Caribbean. I am fascinated and think these photos more people should […]

Preludio Capri: hand made sandales individuell according own wishes

There is hardly a chance to get the turn. But I keep going! On board the cruise ship Gennaro Bisanti makes sandales according to individual wishes. At first I cannot decide at all: coulurful stones, silver –/ gold chaines, plain, colourful, flat heel, small heel, leather in pink, blue, nature etc.. I crumble in a sack […]

St. Barth: Wonderful island, shopping & trends

Very early in the morning we anchor in St. Bath. The view on the island is a dream! A green island, rocks in front of the coast and yards as fas as you can see. The weather is not so nice today but it doesn´t matter!  St. Barth is a mixture of Asia and […]

Happy New Year!

Wish you a great year 2017! Three days ago we went on board of a cruise ship in the direction of Roseau. The first night is quite rough but when I am lying in my bed I fall to sleep like a baby. Unfortunately the internet access on board is quite rare. Therefore I write […]

Very Merry Christmas & a Breuninger Style

Wish you a Merry Christmas and happy days full of love and relaxation! Many thanks for your loyalty! It´s so much fun to discover new things and to write for you. Thank you for your motivating e-mails. It makes me happy that more and more readers follow my blog. Of course I let you know […]

A Christmas house in Roermond!

Elfe I met at a doctor in a waiting room for the first time and coincidentally met her again in a restaurant a few weeks later. She shows pictures to me of her Halloween decoration and I ask myself: How may look her Christmas decoration? . Elfe lives with her family in an old house […]

6 exclusive Christmas presents which are nice and practically!

When you do not have the right idea yet you will find something here! Men love technology, tradition and toys. With the Montblanc Augmented Paper you can transfer your handwriting notes and sketches to your mobile phone. I love this idea as it is practically, innovative and an elegant toy! Handwriting notes go via bluetooth […]

Vintage by Monika Gottlieb – The best of the best

I ike to tell you of one of my favourite booths on the Clogne Art Fair! About the couture collector Monika Gottlieb I already told you. When I was on the art fair I also visited her booth. What shall I say? It was exactly my taste! Monika Gottlieb had decorated all her nice pieces in […]

My Christmas decoration 2016!

Happy St. Nicholas´Day! After we had a Christmas decoration in taupe for many years and I didn´t like colours at all, we have a very colourful decoration this year! Last year I already started to combine taupe with orange and this year I add purple. This big candle holder I carry out of the cellar […]

Dr. Anja Hermes – DMD German fashion designer platform

At first glance, Anja Hermes was sympathec to me! I have met her on an event of Fashion Net. I like her business idea! Anja Hermes has built up a market place for German fashion design in the internet. With passion she ambitionously pursues her goal to sell German fashion design internationally. She is also a tutor […]

Montblanc BESPOKE NIB – I can write much nicer as I ever thought!

It is still TOP SECRET, why I was at Montblanc in Hamburg for a few days. Beginning of December I will tell you which great event I have attended. But about the Montblanc BESPOKE NIB I like to tell you today. I am always ashamed of my handwriting. I am left handed and in the first […]