TEFAF Maastricht: Great mix of art

By Petra Dieners

Last week I have been to the art and antiques fair in Maastricht. A great mix from 12th century to modern art. Especially I have been impressed by the exhibitors from Asia. Unfortunately I cannot show all picutres on my blog. Therefore here are “my” favourites:

On the picutre above is Queen Elizabeth in a lenticular lightbox from Chris Levine / The Fine Art Society.

The following artworks are from Su Xiaobai from Pearl Lam Galleries. Su Xiaobai joined the school of arts and crafts in Wuhan and the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf . Su´s are engages both with the langugage of Western abstract art and also the traditions of Chinese philosophy.

Su Xiaobai one of China´s most distinctive ainters, Pearl Lam Galleries, Lifestlye Blog Lieblingsstil, Lifestyle Blogger Lieblingsstil, TEFAF Maastricht

The jewelry creations of Wallace Chan are outstanding in every sense. The aquamarine has 379 carat! A glance at the website wallace-chan.com is worth.

Wallace Chan Jewelry Creator, Jewelry Creator Wallace Chan, TEFAF Maastricht, 379 Carat Aquamarin, Aquamarin 379 Carat, Lifestlye Blog Lieblingsstil, Lieblingsstil, Lifestlyeblog Lieblingsstil

The set of chairs PK9 is from Poul Kjaeholm, Denmark. The chairs have been made in 1961. The cognac leather is original and the leather seats and hand-stitched.

Here Queen Beatrix from Andy Warhol.


Poul Kjaerholm Denmark, Set of Six chairs, Manuef E. Kold Christiansen, Kunstconsult 20th century art objeTefaf Maastricht, Lifestyleblog Lieblingsstil, Lifestyle BloggerQueen Beatrix Andy Warhol, Tefaf Maastricht, Lifestyle Blog Lieblingsstil, Lifestyleblog Lieblingsstil, Blog ü40

art mirror, Spiegelkunst, Kunstspiegelm Cooler Spiegel, great mirror, TEFAF Maastricht, Lifestyle Blog Lieblingsstil, Lifestyleblog Lieblingsstil, Lifestyleblogger Lieblingsstil

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