Refugee policy by Dr. Ute-Henriette Ohoven – Mama blond

By Petra Dieners

You have to fight at the root! Ute Ohoven (picture above) is committed to a project in Senegal with dedication and passion. The slum Baraka is converted to a self-sufficient village by donations. With support of the government in Senegal German well-known architects are planning and building modern houses. Hygienic and medical conditions are improved. There is a big investment in education, providing jobs and construction of infrastructure.

“The living condition must be improved so that people have a perspective and do not want to leave their country.”

In Baraka are 14 languages spoken and there are living 2000 people. When the new developed village is ready it shall have a new Name. The population would like to call it Mama Blond!

Before the Dinner for Friends began, I had the opportunity to have an interview with Ute Ohoven.

For which project are you working at the moment?

A project for the world. Refugees will be kept in their country. We want to avoid that they go a dangerous way by boat to Europe.

What have been you favourite projects so far?

I love to help children by builiding schools and providing education.

How would do you define style?

I don´t follow trends. I wear what suits me.

What is you personal favourite style?

Jeans or leather pants, nice jackets or a casual sweaters.

Is there something you would never wear?

Very short skirts and dresses.

 Who are your favourite painters?


Where do you like to travel?

I like to stay in Europe as I have to travel a lot for my projects.

Where would you like to live?

In Vienna.

Your Motto?

I live on the sunny side of life. Therefore I would like to help people which live in the shadow.

I knew Mrs. Ohoven from the media. In our personal conversation she has absolutely convinced me. Her engagement, power and passion are matchless!


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Many celebrities such as Reiner Calmund, Felix Magath, Ira Meidl, Hermann Bühlbecker, Shermine Shahrivar and many others are supporting Ute Ohoven´s project.

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I love the charity bracelet designed by Lorenzo Quinn! The bracelet is avialable in many colours as white, black, pink, orange and blue. It matches great with other jewelries. 10 EUR will go to the Baraka project. A Must Have for all, who like to help!


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