Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in Munich

By Petra Dieners

Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition, Munich, Lieblingsstil

During my stay in Munich I had, of course, to go the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in the „Kunsthalle“ in the mall „Fünf Höfe“. Until Valentine´s Day, the 14th of February 2016, 140 creations can be seen. From the seventies until today his Haute-Couture- and Prêt-à-Porter models as well as theatre, dance- and film costumes are shown.

The 1952 born designer creates more artworks as clothes. He uses unusual materials such as plumes, crystals, canes and rubber.

Some visitors are not sure whether there are mannquins or real persons. They are moving their eyes and talk.

I like most the the creation for Ana Wintour.

Anna Wintour, JPG exhibition Munich, Lieblingsstil

For the Bavarian JPG made a special look.

Jean Paul Gaultier Bayernkreation, Lieblingsstil

This nice woman I met in the exhibition. She said, she would always wear very conservative clothes. Anyway her glasses and her checked blazer are very trendy now.

Streetstyle JPG ausstellung München, Lieblingsstil

More photos you can see on my facebook page.

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