Sustainability in fashion business: Designer Lilly Ingenhoven

By Petra Dieners

Sustainability! To do the right in the superficial fashion business! This is the motto for Lilly Ingenhoven (25) and her company. Lilly Ingenhoven is a designer in Munich and is just working at her sixth collection. She only works with natural fibres such as cotton, cashmere, silk and leather. Her fabrics and materials she buys in Europe only. She monitors the production precisely. The leather is not tanned with chrome but plant-based. Her collection is made in Germany.

“There already is ecological fashion but not in a good design,” Lilly Ingenhoven reports. All cuts she makes by herself. “Quality, cut and design should be timeless but modern”, she says. Her favourite colour is blue and can be found in every collection.

The young fashion designer has customers in Japan, Taiwan, Kuwait, France and of course in Germany. Actress as Saralisa Volm and Emilia Schüle are fans of her fashion.

The photo above shows Lilly with her favourite dress “Bathilda”.

I like the blue silk dress “Bambi” very much which can be worn sportive and elegant depends on the occasion.

Lilliy Ingenhoven Design, Seidenkleid Bambi, Taroni Seide, Lieblingsstil

The blue leather dress “Blanche” is a real eye-catcher.

Lilly Ingenhoven Design, Lederkleid Blanche, Lieblingsstil

I have really fallen in love with the blue leather jacket “Coco” made from calfskin. I could really feel the quality and the lightness of the material!


Lilly Ingenhoven Design, Lederblouson Koko aus Kalbsfell, Lieblingsstil


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